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Planet X: Alternative Explanation 1

Last Febuary to April, 2001, Planet X was sighted at 3 observatories in
3 different countries by 3 different individuals.  Details at the
Troubled Times TEAM page (
At the time the Zetas warned:

    It was known that at this time, approximately February 1, 2001,
    [Planet X] would be visible without question to an observatory.
    This activity is outside of US control, establishment control,
    they are braced for it. They cannot stop it, and know this, thus
    are not trying to do so. But will offer countering explanations
    for what has been found. This will be a difficult time for
    amateur astronomers, or astronomers without access to the type
    of equipment that most observatories have at their disposal.
    Amateurs cannot yet bring [Planet X] into focus, so the spot
    being pointed to is yet dark, for them, or so dark as to not be
    OBSERVATORIES WILL START, so once again, amateurs must spend 
    their time sorting out a barrage of conflicting information.
        ZetaTalk™, Coordinates

Roger W. Sinnott, Sky & Telescope

    In the predawn hours of Saturday, August 18th, Vance
    Avery Petriew discovered a comet near the bright star
    Beta Tauri while attending a star party in Cyprus Hills,
    Saskatchewan. According to IAU Circular 7686, which
    made the announcement earlier today,Petriew was using
    20-inch (0.51-meter) f/5 reflector at 80x. He described
    the comet as having a small, round coma but no tail. It
    appeared to be about magnitude 11. At the same star party,
    R. Huziak and P. Campbell confirmed the find with 10-inch
    and 12-inch reflectors, respectively. ... Early today
    (August 19th), Alan Hale observed the comet with his
    16-inch reflector in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, and obtained
    several astrometric measurements with an 8-inch
    Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Hale's last position, here
    rounded, was right ascension 5h 38.1m, +27d 47' (equinox
    2000.0) near 11:30 Universal Time on August 19th. ...

          [RA     5 38.1 ] <==== vs ZetaTalk Coordinates
          [Dec  +27 47   ]
          [Magnitude 11  ]

    The comet is moving 2 arcminutes per hour toward the
    east-southeast, but additional astrometric observations are
    needed before its orbit can be determined.

The coordinates given by the Zetas in early 2001 were:

        RA 5.151245 Dec 16.55743 on April 1, 2001
        RA 5.16549 Dec 16.55847 on March 17, 2001
        RA 5.16653 Dec 16.56912 on March 1, 2001
        RA 5.16659 Dec 16.57897 on February 22, 2001
        RA 5.16784 Dec 16.57943 on February 15, 2001

And for the coming weeks:

        RA 4.45732 Dec 11.91793 on Sep 30, 2001
        RA 4.45962 Dec 12.44113 on Sep 20, 2001
        RA 4.46002 Dec 12.56542 on Sep 5, 2001
        RA 4.46137 Dec 12.74267 on Aug 25, 2001
        RA 4.46978 Dec 12.98923 on Aug 15, 2001

And the object spotted at Lowell Observatory was described as having a
MAGNITUDE 11.  Looks like another round of star parties for good 'ol
Hale, who can be counted on to be a friend of NASA et al.