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Planet X: Alternative Explanation 2

2001 PM9 <===== May 10, 2003 vs ZETATALK May 15, 2003

    It will make a relatively CLOSE PASS to within .089AU on
    MAY 10, 2003. The first possible impact date calculated
    and the one with the highest probability of occurring is
    set for June 17, 2005. If it misses Earth on that pass there
    are another 28 possible impact dates calculated between
    2005 and 2079. The orbit simulator is interesting
    ( On June 3, 2003 we
    will be in the area of the solar system where 2001PM9
    was 10 days before.  .... This plot simulator
    ( places
    2001PM9 closest to Earth in between April 7 and
    April 11 2003.

In early 1995, when ZetaTalk was born, they stated that another pole
shift would be caused by the close passage of Planet X on May 15, 2003.
The date of May 15, 2003 was given as a target date, the actual shift
happening a few days later and the exact day and hour not given.

    Regarding the accuracy of our prediction, late spring, early
    summer, in the year 2003. This cannot be pinned down to
    the day. Where the comet and the Earth are interacting, and
    in proximity of each other, the exact moment of slippage is
    determined by many things. The exact placement of the
    continents when the Earth's rotation slows to a stop. How
    much the inner core of the Earth churns before the crust of
    the Earth slips. These are matters that one cannot predict
    exactly, as there are too many variables at play.  The comet
    makes its appearance periodically, on average each 3,657
    years. ...  Your Earth, in its geological evidence, stands
    witness to the periodic nature of the comet's appearance.
        ZetaTalk™, Time Frame

    The Earth will go through physical cataclysms in the near
    future. ...  There is truth in the rumors of what is called
    [Planet X], a giant comet. There is truth in what has been
    reported about violent geological changes, renting continents
    apart and heaving mountains high. The deluge occurred
    during just such a time. Pole shifts are common during these
    times. The Earth's crust slides over the soft molten core, the
    crust pulled in one direction and the core, which is more
    magnetically inclined, in another. Such a time of violent
    geological upheaval is pending for earthlings. ... The
    authorities will not encourage the propagation of
    information, wishing calm and for the status quo to continue.
        ZetaTalk™, Millennium Denial

ZetaTalk also stated in 1995 that Star Wars is not for missile defense,
but as a faint hope of diverting or neutralizing the passing Planet X,
in order to spare Earth.  Want to bet Star Wars gets all the funding it
wants now?  Never mind that 2001 PM9 makes frequent near earth passes
every few years?

    Are humans attempting to preempt the coming cataclysms
    by developing a Star Wars shield? Yes. This is the reason
    for all the press during the past decade or so for a Star Wars
    shield. ...  Was this shield to be against nuclear armed
    missiles directed toward the Americas? If one considers
    nuclear fallout, the scenario of a nuclear winter described
    so eloquently by a famous author, one understands that even
    nuclear weapons exploded in space harm the intended target
    and in most cases would cause more havoc than if allowed
    to localize. Was this shield to be for the mass of hail stones
    that compose the tail of the giant comet, [Planet X], which
    sweeps the Earth during every passage and peppers the Earth
    here and there? The shield could not possibly knock out
    every tiny hail stone, as by shear numbers this would be
    impossible. What then is the unstated purpose of the Star
    Wars shield? The hope is that by putting up into the skies
    giant lasers, that the comet itself could be disabled by a
    direct hit. As this planet is massive, outweighing the
    Earth by several times, destruction would not be by physical
    means. The intention, and the hope, was to start some kind
    of chain reaction that could cause the planet to blow itself
    up. The means by which this would happen has not yet
    been established, but the humans contemplating this
    wanted to get started anyway.
        ZetaTalk™, Star Wars