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Re: Planet X: Alternative Explanation 2

Steve Holland wrote:
> The Small Kahuna <> writes:
>> Steve Holland wrote:
>> Where is the picture of the coordinates?  When 
>> was it taken?  Where is it posted?  What 
>> equipment?
> Which claim are you refering to?  Nancy has made 
> several claims about where Planet X is.

Any pictures of any claims.

>>>> Personally, I am simply incensed that the data
>>>> provided by research projects funded by public 
>>>> funds is not simply freely available on the 
>>>> Internet for download and inspection.
>>> It is.
>> Where?  I have looked and it is not obvious.  Do 
>> you have a specific pointer?
> Which data do you want to look at?  It's not all in
> one place, although there are several projects, such
> as the Virtual Observatory, that are trying to make 
> as much data as possible available through
> common interfaces.

Let me try this one more time:

Do you have a specific pointer?  A pointer looks like the string

Any pointer to any data so long as it is a repository of "raw" images
from HST.  Something similar to what is being maintained for the Mars
Global Observer.  There the images are in all of their raw glory,
communication artifacts, skips, complete with recording details, etc.

A link that looks something like:

The Small Kahuna