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Re: Asteroid Could be a Record

In Article Hans Zekl wrote:
> Nicholas Bada wrote:
>> An icy rock at least 746 miles across, 2001 KX76
>> orbits some 4 billion miles from the sun, near
>> the orbit of Pluto. Scientists at the European
>> Southern Observatory in Chile say the asteroid
>> may actually be as large as 870 miles across,
>> larger than Pluto's moon, Charon.
> The reported diameter is based on the assumption
> of an albedo of only 7%. Pluto has an albedo of
> 14%. If the is true for too, then it will be
> much smaller. Until now, I did not find any
> explanation for the assumed albedo. Does some
> want to have a big celestial body behind Pluto?

This is a direct Planet X question, regarding the ongoing coverup.
Pluto's moon was, in the beginning, confused with Pluto or confusing the
viewing as I recall, being as large as it is re Pluto's size.  So if
this guy is theorized to be as BIG as Pluto's moon, why would it have an
albedo so much LESS than Pluto? An honest question, to which David

In Article <%Acj7.10546$> David Tholen wrote:
> No!  ... a ballpark figure for Pluto (visible
> wavelength) is around 50 percent. The explanation
> is that 7 percent is the albedo for (20000) Varuna.
> But why ignore the albedos of Pluto and Charon?
> Somebody wanted a press release.

Somebody wants an ALTERNATE EXPLANATION for Planet X sightings.

David, you did not EXPLAIN why the albedo is only 7%, when it is as
large as Charon and out at a distance of Pluto.  "It is what it is" says he,
"we'll dole out the explanations as we see fit when we see fit and
you're not to question!"