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Re: Life on Zeta Reticuli?

In Article <9n599f$rql$> Onion wrote:
> There was a story some years ago about the
> European Southern Observatory detecting a
> candidate planet around HD20807 (Zeta2 Reticuli)
> which was one of a list of 30 other candidate
> stars that they measured which might have
> planets. The funny thing about the story is
> that the list was revised in a very short time
> ~48 hours, and the new list was missing 1 entry.
> You've guessed it, Zeta 2 Ret was off the list!
> One guy mailed ESO and asked why they had
> withdrawn HD20807 from the list and was told a
> lame excuse about accuracy or certainty issues.
> The obvious question being why would there be
> only accuracy and certainty issues with just
> this one star and none of the others??
> I'll keep an open mind on this issue.

That sounds like the story one of our Troubled Times members had to
tell.  There is an online telescope on the web, which the public can
request to be pointed in this or that direction.  Well, of course, he
requested the coordinates put out by the Zetas.  You guessed it!  They
were there, in the queue, listed on the web, but a few hours later,
GONE!  Every other request was not treated that way, just THOSE

The Zetas, being telepathic, DO know what happened in the case you
mentioned, Onion, and will tell you the story!

    The problem with coverups is that they SHOW
    themselves to be what they are by the very
    actions of covering up. Could they not have
    come up with a second or third JFK shooter,
    in addition to Oswald, to explain the multiple
    injuries from multiple bullets? The insistence
    on the single bullet theory SHOWS that a
    coverup is in process. Could they not have
    come up with another object in the sky, in
    1983, to explain what the IRAS sighted?
    Clearly the infra-red experts involved were
    not fools, but the answer is that NO object
    emitting infra-red was sighted! There are
    literally hundreds of explanations that could
    have been concocted, but "none such" was TOO
    extreme and showed the deep fear that the
    public would sense something inbound. Thus,
    the utter refusal to admit to anything, SHOWS
    this to be a coverup. And why did Zeta
    Reticuli get removed from the list of
    candidates, SHOWING that a coverup was in
    process? Because those looking about KNEW
    that visitors from Zeta Reticuli were possible.
    They were chatting with us, during MJ12
    meetings! If they had been smart, instead of
    intent on a coverup, they would have kept
    looking!  What would that have shown, just
    that they were still looking. But NO, they
    had to overreact, and SHOW you, in a way they
    did not intend, that visitors from Zeta
    Reticuli were not only possible, they were
    already HERE!